martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Hoy, ayer, mañana... son el mismo día
Un lugar donde se deslizan los colores

donde en ocasiones hablan las piedras
...donde en silencio van encontrando, su nombre, las palabras

Art projects:*Barcelona City Council Public Sculpture of Sant Gervasi-Funeral-2005 * European Economic Community Krutfjellvegen-langs. Stone poetry (Swedenborg- Norge 2003)/ * UNITED NATIONS School New York-1999/ * Paintings collection at the Royal Caribbean cruises (Miami) / * Creative artist Etnosur Award-Spain 2002-2011/ *Hall paintings CARTIER-California 1996/ Private scultural stone projects: * Natural Park Cabo de Gata1983-2011 / * Volcanic Park La Garrotxa (Spain).
Exhibits collections of paintings, sculpture and other public projects in Spain. Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Norway and USA.
* His work is part of private or public collectors in the world. * Having practiced the teaching in schools in the United Nations N.York. Among the population of Sweden and Norway Samisk and centers of Spain, character as well as educational workshops.
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